56k Party

1 minute read Published: 2020-09-19

Over the years I have left a trail of personal websites scattered across the web.. From running a webserver at home over a 56k modem (median lifespan 1-2hrs) to Angelfire and Squarespace. Tonight I continue this tradition by spending the evening setting up github pages with Zola and Github Actions !

Mainly a CircleCI user but github actions was pretty ok to setup..

Credit where credit is due, I was primarily inspired by stumbling across kinghajj's blog while trying to figure out how to undervolt my laptop's cpu under linux. Why would you want to do that ? - Probably the topic of another blog post... The short answer is lower cpu temperatures.

Firstly, I followed the zola deployment guide for github pages.

Also found this cool website to generate the build badge.

Theme used is the after dark