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Deploy Seafile with Podman (in RHEL) behind SWAG & Authelia

9 minute read Published: 2022-06-05

⚠ WARNING: This post is still under construction.
Hopefully will have time to finish it off soon.

Jubilee weekend here in the UK (yayy 🥳) so I had time to experiment with a couple of file-hosting systems.

I was looking into Nextcloud but browsing through Reddit I saw Seafile being recommended. So decided to try it out on a test RHEL 8 vm instance. This post covers both the professional and community editions of Seafile.

Third Time Lucky

4 minute read Published: 2020-09-22

Today was an exciting day.

Finally ready to make that big push to production.. for the second time round. Will our heroes succeed ?

TEAC AI-101 & Linux USB Error

1 minute read Published: 2020-09-20

Recently had some trouble connecting the TEAC AI-101DA USB DAC amplifier on Ubuntu 20.04. Although it seemed to work fine with older kernel versions, it seemed to not be recognised with kernel v5.4.0.

56k Party

1 minute read Published: 2020-09-19

Over the years I have left a trail of personal websites scattered across the web.. From running a webserver at home over a 56k modem (median lifespan 1-2hrs) to Angelfire and Squarespace. Tonight I continue this tradition by spending the evening setting up github pages with Zola and Github Actions !